Dr. James Higgs

In August of 2009 Sermonkindling.org was born The web site was created from my desire to help assist fellow preachers. The target group that I wanted to help was young inexperienced preachers; newly called preachers, and preachers who might be experiencing fatigue. So it is my prayer that my messages might somewhat stir the fire of sermon preparation.

I believe my preaching ministry has evolved through the healthy relationship with four fulltime churches over a period of thirty eight years. Not only was the period of time broadening my preaching perspective, but the three fields in which they took place; 18 years in Dallas, 3 years in Medinah, Ill, 21 years in San Francisco in an outer urban church and in the historic First Baptist Church in the center of the city. All these assignments were instrumental in forging my preaching style.

During the last pastorate my exposure to guest preachers who spoke to our congregation greatly excited me to grow in the preaching discipline.

Some of them were: Moishe Rosen, Leighton Ford, Dr. Theodore Epp, Tony Compolo, John Piper, Joel Nederhood, Henry Blackaby, and others. They raised the bar for fervent Biblical preaching. In 1992 Dr. Haddon Robinson invited me to a three month sabbatical at Gordon Conwell Seminary. I believe my time with this preaching giant extended my pulpit ministry by at least ten years. Certainly it gave the impetus for my twelve year relationship with the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary as one of the preaching professors.

Now as I look back I am quite amazed at the opportunities that God has given to preach to over seventy five churches in northern California. I am quite certain that this would not have happened had I not fallen intensely in love with the ministry of preaching the Word of God. The picture of the glacier in Chile gave me the idea of the title for the web site. What an effort it would take to build a fire on the edge of the damp icy spot. Even so at times it seems so difficult to come up with a sermon. In a humble way I want to give some kindling to help you get the fire going. Feel free to use this material as you see fit and we will give glory to God together.

On October 11, 2021 Dr. James L. Higgs passed from this life to be with Jesus. Dr. Higgs was ministering in Iloilo, Philippines at the time of his death.

Susie McFarland
Web Designer

I have known Dr. Jim Higgs, as my pastor, and my friend when he began his ministry as Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in San Francisco, the church in which I grew up in. Since years have gone by and his ministry has moved him away from San Francisco, and I moved out of the City into the suburbs, I have continued a well-treasured friendship with Jim Higgs, his wife and familiy.

He is a wonderful, Godly man. One who is teachable, and one who listens to God's promptings in his life.

I consider it an honor and a pleasure to work with Dr. Higgs on the Sermon Kindling website, and be partner in this ministry with him.

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