We invite you to explore the site. Our hope is be a resource for your Preaching, and or Teaching Ministry. The sermons are listed by Scripture Text, and By Topic. We have arranged them that way to assist you in your search.

We will continue to add sermons, and other resources to help you.

My father was a pastor and my attendance in church was required. So as a youngster I heard many sermons. My wife Joyce has heard me preach more than six thousand times and she is still with me. What a reward she will receive from the Lord. Since my preaching opportunities are less now, I was impressed to pass on a few of my sermons, illustrations and preaching thoughts.

This past Spring I served as a chaplain on a South American cruise. It was an awesome experience to see this glacier in Chile. In preparing for this website I chose this picture of me near this glacier because sometimes finding a sermon was as difficult a challenge as building a campfire next to a glacier. It would take some good kindling to get started.

In my humble way I want to provide some kindling for you that may help you to get "fired up" over the opportunity to preach God's Word. Feel free to use it as you see fit and we will give glory to God together.

Since I have retired from pastoral ministry, I am reviewing and recycling sermons from the past. They will be offered from time to time with the hope that the ideas may be helpful to those who are working on similiar subjects.

Published Works of Dr. Jim Higgs
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Letters from Grandpa Jim
A Celebration of Life

Each month for ten years I have been writing letters to our thirteen grandchildren. They were all born when I was pastor of the First Baptist Church of San Francisco, CA. Several of them have lived with us during their infancy. It has been my privilege to baptize each one. Two of our children and their families now live in Tennessee. However we have almost daily contact with them via Facebook and telephone calls. Our other child and his family live near us here in Antioch, CA. We are with them in church, family meals, sports activities and holidays. My hope in writing these letters was to acquaint the grandchildren with some of the history of the Higgs' family. Other items that I wanted to share are character traits, Christian virtues, Biblical truths, core values such as friendships, ethics, educational pursuits and spiritual disciplines.

The Urban Pulpit

"This book highlights the value of topical preaching, includes over thirty condensed sermons, identifies the needs of urban ministry, explains the nexus between worship and preaching and offers encouragement to all preachers in their pilgrimage of sharing God's word." -Jim Higgs


Resources for Ministry

The primary purpose of this web site is to offer samples of sermons that I have preached. There is another component entitled “Matches” that offer inspiration and reflection for the mind of the preacher. Construction of a sermon is of vital importance, but the passion and piety of the preacher is another vital aspect of preaching. “Matches” is a gathering of ideas, quotes, prayers and concerns that help to challenged the mind. Since I also believe that the pastor should be the worship leader there are some convictions offered in this section. If a preacher is to enjoy a long and fruitful ministry his inner world must be broadened by the wisdom of others who have excelled. Since I also believe that “Preaching is an Act of Worship” there are some articles that deal with both.



















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