Scripture Text


Exodus 17: 8-15

Raising a Banner

Exodus 20 (Ten Commandments)

Living Inside the Box

Jeremiah 36:1-7 and 20-32

Joshua 3 and 4

Winning in the Super Bowl of Life

Joshua 13:1, 15-23

Live Up to Your Capacity

II Kings 5:1-9

The Opportunistic Witness

Psalm 1

The Blessed Man

Psalm 122:1

Why Go to Church?

Isaiah (selected verses)

A Marriage That Called Attention to God

Zechariah 4:9-10

God Works in Large and Small Venues

Malachi 3:8-12

Why Do I Need to Pay God?

Matthew 1:1, 17 and 4:21

The Real Family Christmas Tree

Matthew 1:18-25

A Super Parent

Matthew 6:10

Your Kingdom Come in This Church

Matthew 8:5-13

The ďIns and OutsĒ of the Christian Life

Matthew 20:1-16

God, An Equal Opportunity Employer

Matthew 25:14-30

Use It or Lose It

Mark 1:35-39

Everybody Needs a Quiet Place

Mark 16:7

Go Tell Peter!

Luke 2:13-14

What Does God Want for Christmas?

Luke 2:18

The Friendship Factor

Luke 4:18

Luke 11:1-12

Is God As Good as You

Luke 12: 35-48

Luke 19:28-44

Jesus, The Grand Marshall

John 1:35-42

Found to Find Others

John 3:1-16

John 4

Loneliness is A Sign of Spirituality

John 16:5-15

The Greatest Evangelist

John 20 24-31

Acts 1:12-14 and 2:1-4

Mary and Pentecost

Acts 4:36-37

The Gift of Encouragement

Acts 9: 36-42

Will You Be Missed

I Corinthians 1:26-31; 6:9-11

Grace Fits All Sizes

I Corinthians 12:1-10

The Theology of Thorns

II Corinthians 1:15-21

The Promise Driven Life

II Corinthians 3:1-6

Letters not Commercials

II Corinthians 5:17

II Corinthians 8:20

Itís OK to be Liberal

Romans 8:28-29

Galatians 4:4-5

You Canít Kill Christmas

Ephesians 2:8-9

How to Recognize Your Spiritual Gift

Ephesians 5:16

How to Deal with Procrastination

Ephesians 5:18-21

Addicted to Thanksgiving

Ephesians 6:1-4

Who Needs A Dad?

Philippians 3:13

A Focused Life

Psalm 51

I Timothy 1:13-17

Amazing Grace

II Timothy 1:16-18

Has the Wonder Left You?

II Timothy 3:15-17

The Bible is Better Than the Yellow Pages

Hebrews 7:17-28

James 13-18

Can You Recognize a Good Therapist?

I Peter 1:1-9

Rethinking Security

I Peter 2:17

A Healthy Fear

I Peter 3:18-22

Why Be Baptized?

I Peter 5:1-4

Enough is Enough

III John

A Balanced Prayer

Revelation 3:7-13
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